Introducing LampO Watch

No companion phone app required. Just works.

Apple Watch meets LampO

Introducing LampO Watch, the Apple Watch app that makes the experience of controlling your Etekcity smart outlets fun for you and the whole watch enabled family.

Enjoy throughout the app the same semplicity you have been accustomed to when facing that switch on the wall. With a completely new feeling. You can flick that outlet from the comfort of where you are and with one simple tap. Isn't that an idea!


LampO, a new power remote

Believe it or not but there was a time when to flip the switch of a light or an appliance you had to leave the couch and use all your core to finish the motion.

Those brutal times are now over. Just raise your wrist, open LampO, an iPhone independent app, and flip away!


Power to the wrist

Turn on or off lights and appliances in your home like a boss. And if you are in the backyard and you realized that you left something on.

Just raise your wrist! Check out LampO Watch on the Apple Store today!

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