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I have a feature request. Click here. Please, indicate for which of our apps the feature is for.

The app is not working as it should. File a ticket. You will have to sign up (it's free) for the helpdesk service first. Support requests are usually addressed within 2 business days. We are in the USA on Pacific Standard Timezone.

General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR)

The European Union has been very active in granting more privacy protection when it comes to user's data. You can make data requests related to your iCloud storage to Apple or to Garage Innovation for its apps. These requests can include :

  • get a copy of data associated with a user
  • temporarily deactivate
  • restrict access to the data associated with you
  • delete the data associated with your account completely

  • If you have any of those needs, please file a ticket describing your situation and the action to be taken, according to the list above. Our default conduct is to not share or sell any data about you with/to anyone and for any reason without your explicit and unequivocal consent. Our privacy Policy is still here.

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