Introducing SuonO

Control your Sonos speakers from the comfort of your couch

Apple TV meets Sonos

Introducing SuonO, the Apple TV app that makes the experience of controlling your Sonos speakers fun for you and the whole family.

Enjoy throughout the app a retro look with the joy of modern touches. Manage and experience your music making good use of that wonderful, ginormous TV of yours. No more looking for your phone while you are taking a break on the couch, spending time with family or having friends over.


Sonos got a new Remote

It’s intuitive and fun to use Siri Remote to control your Sonos speakers. Just tap on Play to start your music, swipe on the touch pad to adjust volume, skip track and set repeat & shuffle as you wish.

Phone is ringing and want to mute your music? No need to frantically switch phone app to get to that mute button. Just tap on your Siri Remote!


Your Music at your Fingertips

Create spur-of-the-moment Sonos Queues browsing with ease through your Favorites, Playlists and music library – all from your TV!

Check SuonO out on the Apple Store today!

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